Voting in the Primaries July 19th

For those that have any questions about voting for a candidate for School Board.

I have had a lot of people coming to me asking questions about the up coming primaries in July.

“How does the voting work and how many candidates can I vote for?”

First thing to know is early voting starts 7/7/22. Here is the link if you don't know where to go. Voting Places

The date to vote in the Primaries for the General Election is 7/19/22.

Important to note...

Any party affiliation can vote in the primaries for school board. These seats are non partisan so as long as you are registered to vote you can do so for the school board members. Independent voters should be receiving a ballot in the mail with just your school board members names.

You can vote for two At Large candidates and one person for your district. Those choices will be listed on your ballot. Many of the candidates do not have a website or any way for parents to see their ideas or why they are running. Please do some research on your choices it's very important for your childs education to have the right people on the Board. Here are the candidates for Wicomico County and the school board seats are towards the bottom. Elections Candidate List 2022

It's so important that we fill the seats with people that will carry on your values and principals into the curriculum for the classroom. We have to help the kids in this county be ready for the real world and currently a majority are not.

You can be part of this change.

I grew up here. I graduated in this county and I remember struggling with school but I was proud when I walked across that stage. Lets give these kids something to be proud of. Lets set them up to succeed when they graduate and go off to work or go to college. Every parent just wants the best for their child and to see them happy and successful. You can do that by voting the right people to support critical thinking and life skills in school. Lets make this county the one people are proud to live in because they know their child will get a great education and will reach their goals.

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