Student Opt Out Notice

Many parents are very busy with their daily lives as it relates to the involvement of their child’s education. I can say that “We don't know what we don't know.” I wanted to make parents aware of the Comprehensive Health Curriculum that is integrated Pre-K through 12th grade.

Like many other parents, I went to open house at my child’s middle school. I received a syllabus from some of the teachers and some worksheet packets from administrators. It's quite hard to take any real amount of time to discuss or digest during that time since open house is so hectic. I took the information home.

After going over the packet that I picked up from my son’s Health class, I was reading some of the sample worksheets. Some of the content didn't seem like the kind of information that should be given to a 12-year-old. I was fine with the biological puberty and reproduction sections, but not some of the other things.

The school was attempting to normalize and make certain situations cool through the presentation of scenarios, including drinking alcohol. One thing that was shockingly absent - Warnings and Abstinence.

Maybe some 12-year-olds are sexually active, but mine is not. I didn't like the way they presented “encounter scenarios” that a 7th grader might run into. Not every child is exposed to that sort of thing, and should be left up to parents to discuss with their child.

It's not the school’s job to teach and encourage minor children: "how to develop a healthy dating relationship" or "benefits of dating" which were two of the things discussed in this packet. Along with "finding the right person" or "Consent and scenarios or if you feel like consent was given."

If you are uncomfortable for your child being taught about such material, you have the right to opt-out by downloading this PDF form here. You can sign and submit the form to the school.

Like my experience dealing with my child’s principal, I discovered from others that faculty has instructed to give parents a difficult time by rejecting the above opt-out form by stating that the school has a special form, and instead fill out their form and submit it later. Just so you are aware, the legislative statutes provide you the parent the right to opt-out your child.

You do so in writing, and there is no official legal form as long as it’s in writing from the parent. Therefore, the school must honor the form or they are obstructing your rights.
The same school system and the current school board have approved several sexually-explicit materials throughout the school system. Some of you have seen and heard an example of it at this board meeting.

The question is, if our school leaders would approve such things, should they be the ones talking to our children about sex?
Students are too far behind academically. Educational content has been reduced and stuffed with in my opinion, inappropriate content.

It’s a question of age appropriateness, and I question such content being taught not only in 7th grade, but Pre-K though 12. You the parent decide, but the current system has far surpassed the line by teaching material that you may find objectionable.

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