Hi, I'm Kristin

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I was born and raised in Wicomico County. I graduated from Wicomico High School and my husband also grew up and graduated in this county as well. In raising our family, our children are attending some of the very same schools we did. I’ve watched the district evolve over decades and I’m deeply concerned by what I now see happening in the schools. I feel some major changes need to be made in order to help all students succeed.


I am a small business owner and most importantly a mom. I understand the difficulty that parents face everyday. Driving my kids to two separate schools and leaving my whole world in the care of others can be a challenge. The assurance of a stable, safe and consistent school environment is important. As a parent, I want to trust that the teachers have the ability and necessary resources to teach my kids and keep them safe.


I’m running for the Board of Education because I believe that every voice matters. No matter your background, your child’s educational success is a high priority to me. We have gotten away from the fundamental construct of proper education and we need to bring that back. As a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum, I want to be an advocate for students with special needs that have not received the treatment they deserve. I care about parent priorities, teacher needs and student success. Finding a way to elevate all three areas means a stronger district for everyone.


My Vision For Our Schools

Our schools need to do more than teach. They need to prepare kids to become tomorrow’s leaders. I am running for the Wicomico county School Board because I want to give all students, their families and teachers the ability to be the best they can be. We need to create a safe learning environment with less disciplinary distractions. Find ways to help the kids that struggle to become the top performers without bringing the others down. We need to concentrate on the teaching of the core subjects: Math, English, Science, and History. We should also see a return to spelling and handwriting as basic fundamental skills our children should know. There are new areas of learning that should be  considered such as Financial Literacy to help our graduating classes understand how not be buried in debt, or how to buy a car or house. All parents wish to see their children succeed, I want to help give them the tools necessary for that to become reality.


Community input is needed. Open meetings are scheduled every month for concerned citizens to come and ask questions to board members, but changes are never made.  I value input from the community, and I view the school board role as an opportunity to bring everyone’s voice to the table. Parents both need to and should be involved in their children's education.


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